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Q. To hold one’s own.
A. To maintain one’s position or strength; the prime minister held his own.

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The Idiom: The last straw.
Limit of tolerance or controllable vexation; - The student back answering the teacher was the last straw.

The Idiom: Can’t hold a candle.
Is inferior; the beauty of all the girls in the room could not hold a candle to the new girl.

The Idiom: To run up against.
To encounter; - She ran up against difficulties when she found herself robbed of her purse.

The Idiom: Try one’s hand.
See if one has an aptitude for something by attempting it he joined carpentry classes to try his hand.

The Idiom: On pins and needles.
In a state of nervous anxiety; she was on pins and needles the night before her results.

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